Building Sustainable Societies


Building Sustainable Societies

Building Sustainable Societies

Exploring Social Sustainability in thought, policy and practice

Running between 2011-2015, Building Sustainable Societies was a dynamic, interdisciplinary research project within Leeds Social Sciences Institute. The project aimed to develop new knowledge, analysis and policy to address the major social and economic challenges facing contemporary societies across the globe.

Leading social scientists at the University of Leeds, including experts from across the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law (ESSL), the Faculty of Medicine and Health, and the Leeds University Business School (LUBS), came together to make up the research teams behind Building Sustainable Societies.

Further information on the project’s achievements can be found by clicking around this website, which now acts as an archive of its many activities and successes. As of 2015, Building Sustainable Societies was integrated into the new ‘Cities and Sustainable Societies’ initiative at the University of Leeds.

Read the Director’s Mid-Term review of the work of the project from November 2014

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