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Professor Clive Walker and Genevieve Lennon host a workshop

The purpose was to bring together world renowned experts, both academics and practitioners, from the field of terrorism law and security. Delegates came from Canada and the US, Israel, Spain, and Malaysia, as well as the UK.

The event was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Our mission was to explore and critically analyse how lawsRSE-pic are, and ought to be, invoked in domestic jurisdictions against terrorism. Such laws have proliferated since the events of 9/11, which demonstrated to the world a heightened risk of terrorism.

We adopted a thematic approach to the substance of counter-terrorism law, examining categorical approaches, based on strategies of pursuit, protection and prevention.  The ulterior purpose of the workshop was to enable participants to develop and test their ideas with a view to publication in an edited collection of over 30 chapters in the Routledge Handbook of Terrorism and Law. As well as the academic discourse, we were also invited to visit the Glasgow City Council Chamber where this picture was taken.

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